SAWS stands for Safety and Wellbeing Solutions, a suite of products from Oorvee, the products business of IonIdea

All important functionalities of most of IonIdea's SAWS products are available to you for FREE.

Paid versions of these free products have additional, nice to have, bells and whistles for those that would like to pay to support our endeavor to bring SAWS solutions to everybody, even to those that may not be able to afford them.

The mission of GuardOn is to develop solutions that enhance your physical safety and wellbeing

  • GuardOn sends rescuers if you or any of your loved ones are ever in the danger of being molested, assaulted or kidnapped
  • GuardOn sends medical help when you or any of your loved ones are facing a life threatening medical emergency
  • GuardOn also helps you in non-emergency situations, such as being stranded on the highway due to your automobile breaking down, or being lost in the woods when you are hiking

Through your mobile or through wearables that work with GuardOn, you can quickly raise an alert or seek help.  Alerts are sent to your trusted contacts, to first responders (police, fire, ambulance) and to good Samaritans in your neighborhood that are ready to help you.  For more information on GuardOn, please visit

The mission of AuthOn is to develop solutions that enhance your online security

  • AuthOn secures all your online accounts with very robust passwords that are encrypted twice using industry standard AES-256
  • AuthOn remembers all the passwords for your online accounts so that you do not have to remember them
  • AuthOn utilizes multi-factor authentication technologies to accurately authenticate you before allow access to your applications and data

AuthOn works on your favorite desktop and mobile devices.  AuthOn also works on all of your favorite browsers.  For more information on AuthOn, please visit www.AuthOn.One

The mission of JobOn is to develop solutions that enhance your employment security and wellbeing

  • We want to help you find the best jobs
  • We want to help you present and sell yourselves very well for the jobs that you apply for
  • We want to keep you informed of new job opportunities that may be great for you

JobOn offers video resumes, video screening and video intereviews to make it easy for you to find and secure the job you want.  For more information on JobOn, please visit www.JobOn.One or

The mission of Serenity is to develop and deliver solutions that enhance your physical health and mental wellbeing

  • Find the best physicians and therapists
  • Make quick online appointments with them
  • Through the tele-therapy solution built into Serenity, engage in online consultations with your physicians and therapists
  • Pay for their services online

Serenity also offers a Personal Health Record (PHR) solution for you.  You can securely store all your medical information in an encrypted format, transmit selected records of your medical information to physicians and pharmacies of your choice, and electronically receive your medical records from these providers.  For more information on Serenity, please visit or