Because GuardOn is critical for your safety, we have only utilized solutions and components from the most reputed companies in technology

The GuardOn wearable uses electronic active and passive components only from highly reputed companies such as Silicon Laboratories Inc.®, Panasonic and Sony

The GuardOn mobile applications utilize services from technology leaders
Apple and Google for location, navigation and notifications

Authentication to access GuardOn is through highly reputed
authentication solutions from Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.

GuardOn software is hosted on and powered by the
leader in hosting solutions, Amazon Web Services

IonIdea, the developer of GuardOn, is ISO 9001 and SEI CMMi certified, and has developed hundreds of software products for tech companies in US, Europe and Asia

Inclusion of the names of companies in this section does not in any manner imply any form of relationship with them, nor does it imply sponsorship or approval by them.  Their names have been included only to highlight the high-quality components and services that go into building and hosting GuardOn.

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