Concerned about the safety of your residents? Want to prevent untoward incidents from occurring that could threaten the safety of the women, children and elderly in your apartment?

Cellular Dead Zones: Install GuardOn gBeacons to enable GuardOn communication in areas that have neither cellular nor WiFi. These include your basement parking decks and interior areas of your buildings.

Enable Location Accuracy: Install gBeacons to let responders know the exact location of the distress, including exact floor, so that they are able to help in a timely manner. Without it, they may only know that crime is occurring somewhere in your apartment.

FRO Portal: Purchase GuardOn First Responder Organization Portal for your campus security team. Let them the first to know of any distress alerts raised within your campuses so that they can quickly respond and stop the crime.

Wearable: Arm your workers and security personnel with the GuardOn Wearable so that they can raise quickly alerts and summon help of others.

GuardOn Posters and Standees: Display GuardOn Posters or Standees in high-traffic areas of your apartment, such as parking decks, elevators, gyms and community centers, to create an awareness amongst your residents.

GuardOn Signs: Display “Protected by GuardOn” signs in all access points in your apartment to ward off criminals.