Women, like men, should be able to live life fully pursuing whatever makes them happy.

Every woman should be able to go wherever she wants, do whatever she wishes, wear whatever she fancies, love whomever she likes, and live however she chooses without any fear of being discriminated, harassed, assaulted, molested, kidnapped or persecuted.

Without even an iota of fear of any sort, women should be totally free to live alone or live with others, go out in the day or go out in the night, jog on the streets or hike in the woods, bike in a park or drive out of town, swim in a pond or surf on the beach, smile at a stranger or hug a friend, and yes, women should definitely be free to do any work at any place at any time without any threat of discrimination or harassment.

A life of freedom, free of fear, is a life worth living, and it is worth fighting for. This is GuardOn’s vision. Our mission therefore is to develop solutions that enable all people… women, elderly, children and men to live such fulfilling lives.