Is your organization focused on the safety and wellbeing of women, children or the elderly? If yes, we want to hear from you.

Common Cause… Shared Mission…

We have a common cause that we are passionate about. Let us collaborate and join hands to help each other succeed in our shared mission.

We could support you with funds we earmark every year for our CSR efforts. GuardOn sets aside a percentage of its revenues to support organizations such as yours

You could partner with us to make GuardOn available through your organization, and thereby generate additional funds for your organization and its mission

Let’s work together to make crimes against women, children and the elderly a thing of the past.

Download GuardOn content

Display GuardOn informational posters and standees in prominent high-traffic areas in your organization and in its projects so that the beneficiaries of your work can use it and protect themselves.

Download them to print and display them wherever you feel it is good to do so

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Interested in knowing how your organization can partner with us in our common cause?  Want to know how your organization can financially benefit in the process of doing so?