Neighborhood Watch and Collaborative Self-Defense!

Create a neighborhood watch and collaborative self-defense security team that protects all shops in the neighborhood

If your shop is being robbed, send instantaneous alerts to your neighboring shops to activate collaborative self-defense. Simultaneously send alerts to Police

When you receive an alert from one of your neighborhood shops, respond to it just like you would want them to respond if you raised the alert

Put GuardOn signs in all shops in your neighborhood to ward off miscreants and criminals

Arm your employees with GuardOn

Moments matter. Time is of the essence when your employees are held up and your store is being robbed.

Enable your employees to instantaneously raise an alerts. Arm each one of them with their own GuardOn wearable.

Purchase GuardOn wearables for your employees as an investment in your business’s security and for their personal security.
Purchase GuardOn Wearable

Download GuardOn content

Download “Protected by GuardOn” signs. Print it on paper or create stickers out of them. Display prominently in all shops in your neighborhood to keep miscreants and criminals at bay.

Download the GuardOn brochure for shops and retail stores and send it to your neighborhood shopkeepers.

Invite them to use GuardOn for their security.


Interested in knowing how all shops in your neighborhood, including your own, can benefit from using GuardOn?   Want to get special discounts for bulk orders of GuardOn wearables?